The Quantum-Safe Ecosystem

Towards a quantum-safe ecosystem

Quantum computing poses an existential risk that requires an end-to-end approach to cyber security.

Our vision sees quantum-safe protection for data from the moment it is created, when it is stored at rest and as it is transmitted across networks.

However, organisations must look beyond communications infrastructure and recognise adjacent risks like identity attacks. If an adversary can use a quantum computer to obtain user names and passwords they will gain ‘legitimate’ access without breaking any encryption.

At Post-Quantum we’re the world’s only company building a suite of software products that deliver a quantum-safe ecosystem from input to output.

All our products are underpinned by 10+ years of deep post-quantum cryptography R&D.

Our submission to NIST’s Post Quantum competition is the only remaining finalist in the ‘code-based’ category and therefore stands a strong chance of inclusion in NIST’s final standardisation.

Despite the success of our submission we remain committed to the principle of ‘crypto-agility’ and our products have been designed to work with whichever encryption algorithms are selected by NIST.

Most importantly and unlike the majority of teams working in post-quantum encryption we don’t focus solely on mathematics. We’re also engineers and our ethos is applying cryptography to build usable quantum-safe products that solve problems in high security environments.